Why am I running?

I believe our Relationship with government is fundamentally broken.

Government is not a vending machine:
Put money in, get a product.

"I pay taxes, so I deserve a functioning government" is an inadequate way of creating good governance. Effective government requires a strong feedback loop between elected officials and citizens, where both sides engage with each other.

We fix this feedback loop by shaping physical environments, digital environments, and legal environments to be conducive to vibrant civic life.

About Isaac

With a background in the military, public policy, urban planning, entrepreneurship, and civic technology, Isaac has dedicated the majority of this career to building a meaningful relationship with government.

Isaac's vision is to improve the average citzen's relationship with local government by improving the design of our physical, digital, and legal environments.


Public Policy @ Duke University

Officer of the US Navy

I served on active duty for 4 years and continue to serve in the US Navy Reserves today. San Diego and the Navy have been home for the past 9 years. My wife and I have chosen to raise our family here, despite knowing it's not easy for military families to afford the high cost of living. I'm very passionate about helping other veterans transition into fulfilling civilian careers, especially in entrepreneurship.

Tech Entrepreneur

I'm currently in a business incubator for military veterans.

My co-founder and I are building political campaign software that provides geospatial analysis and data visualization for campaigns and advocacy groups. Our software helps candidates figure out who to reach out to and how to strategically organize field campaigns.

Urban Planner

The idea for my tech startup came from combining my love for grassroots organizing with my love for urban planning and GIS. I worked for a year in active transportation planning, improving our street design to be safer for pedestrians. I believe elected officials can serve their people better through data-informed decision making in conjunction with robust community input.

Civic Technologist

Digital modernization in local government can significantly improve the delivery of city services. I head a volunteer organization called Open San Diego that improves gov ops through better data, intuitive web design, and reducing needlessly redundant tasks. Our work brings programmers, data scientists, designers, activists, and local officials together to collaborate on projects to improve the city.

Issues I Care About


How do we design cities that encourage average residents to participate in creating a socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable urban form?


How do we create a 21st century government that uses forward-thinking technology to improve community engagement and deliver ersponsive government in accessible, pleasant, and efficient interactions?


How do we create a legal landscape that supports citizen-centric feedback loops and prevents special interests and corporate money from disproportionately influencing both elections and policy making?


30-40% of our government will retire in the next 5-10 years. Millenials will be the majority in government. The entire culture will shift to reflect our values and prefreences, and our next elected officials will shape that transition.

Without a foundation to attract talented + innovative people, we risk recruiting a generation of low performing civil servants who will stay until their retirement.


MARCH 3: We need 11,000 votes.


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Isaac Wang is a member of the Navy Reserve. Use of his military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Navy or the Department of Defense.