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About Isaac

With a background in the military, public policy, urban planning, entrepreneurship, and civic technology, Isaac has dedicated the majority of his career to building a meaningful relationship with government.

Isaac’s vision is to improve the average citizen’s relationship with local government by improving the design of our physical, digital, and civic infrastructure.


Duke University (BA in Public Policy)

Harvard Graduate School of Design (Certificate in Urban Planning + Design)

Officer of the US Navy

4 years Active Duty - 1st Tour: Division Officer // 2nd Tour: Force Protection Officer
5 years Reserves - Maritime Air Operations // Ad Hoc Chinese (Mandarin) Linguist

Urban Planner

Active Transportation Planner: improving street design to be safer for pedestrians and cyclists.
I love urban design and geographic information systems (GIS), and hope to bring a data-informed decision making framework in conjunction with robust community input to produce human-centered streets.

Tech Entrepreneur

Founder of Field Progress: geospatial analysis and data visualization tools for political campaigns and advocacy groups.
Participant in Bunker Labs, business incubator for military veterans.

Civic Technologist

Brigade Captain of Open San Diego: lead a volunteer public interest technology organization building better technology for public good. Our work brings programmers, data scientists, designers, activists, and local officials together to collaborate on projects to improve the city.


image of Isaac's family